decisions, decisions...

first of all, i have really been a bad blogger. sorry.

that probably does not concern most of you...because this is mostly a place for me to document what has been going on this past year. i want proof. : )

so i see it has been over a month since i last wrote. i enjoyed thanksgiving with all my family back in neenah, wi. it was so much fun to see my nieces.
love them! i am going to meet them for lunch tomorrow before they head up to see my sister-in-law's family for christmas. hopefully i will also get to see them before they head back to kentucky.

the beginning of december also brought jacob and my anniversary. four years! we went to dinner bar la grassa, watched (most) of the holidazzle and went to see "skyfall." it was wonderful.
weight update time!

i lost 1.8 pounds this week for a total of 65.8 - woo hoo! this puts me 0.8 away from my initial goal. part of me is wondering whether or not i should stop at that point or keep going... with the personal training, i think i may be able to lose a little more. i really want to get a flat tummy!

some photo evidence.
my photographer insisted that we also take a "behind" shot. i kind of wish i had done that from the beginning. 

here are the past two weeks as well.

i am very happy to be on vacation until january 2. we are celebrating christmas tomorrow with jacob's mom and her family. we will go to his dad's house on monday to celebrate with his family. we also decided to drive to neenah for a visit and see some friends! 

i also somehow got volunteered to make dessert for tomorrow. i have never done the "christmas cookie" thing before so send good baking thoughts my way.