quick hello!


quick check-in.

saturday's weigh-in was another success - down 1.8 lb, meaning i only have another 0.2 lb to go before i have knocked off another 5 lb.

woo hoo!

this weekend was good...i went bowling with some folks, had too many diet cokes and rums, and spent much of yesterday on the couch recovering.

i did have meals out at buffalo wild wings AND old chicago, which were both delish! pics tomorrow!


halfway point

hello, world. i have been dreading writing this...not for any particular reason, just because the couch has been looking so much more comfortable. : )

let me start with pictures from last week.
 i believe that was my 4.6 or 4.8 lb loss. that put me at 30.2 lb. overall.

for some reason, i was on a pasta kick last week. i made much more than i needed to last monday and had the leftovers for three or so nights. jacob thought it was weird but i just like my pasta. my favorite way to serve it is with peanut sauce and a bit of sriracha. if i am feeling fancy, i will even sprinkle on roasted sesame seeds. below is italian style with some (lame) ragu and shredded mozzarella cheese.
at last saturday's weigh-in, i was down another 3.2 lb or so, which put the total up to 33.2 lb now. i was SUPER surprised that i lost so much, especially after the big loss from the previous week.

this past sunday, jacob and i went to another easter celebration at his mother's house and a bunch of her family. i did fine while we were there but once i got home, i had a hard time keeping my hands out of the giant marshmallows that jacob found when we were at target. they were intended for s'mores but we never got around to making them.

here are just a couple of shots from the day. we will start with the three bald men (not to be confused with the three wise men...) trying to get a kite out of the tree.
 then one of jacob and me after playing bags.
pretty sure this is the first photo of us since we went to new york last summer. he is not the biggest fan of having pictures taken. it generally takes much convincing.

newest pictures from three days ago.
 i may or may not be sucking in just a little. ; )

finally, a quick look at our DELICIOUS dinner from last night. jacob used my mom's recipe on some flank steak along with ridiculously large salads, corn, and garlic toast.
i think that is about it, news-wise.

as i said in the title of this post, i am about halfway through this diet process. the top of the healthy range for my height requires me to lose about 30 lb more. i know eventually that i will plateau so i am trying to enjoy how easily the weight is coming off right now. i also know that i need to exercise (which i know i talk about in pretty much every post) and that i am really just making excuses to avoid doing it.

if i have too many giant marshmallows this week...maybe a walk will be necessary before saturday's weigh-in.



happy saturday!

this is me today...
super happy. why, you may ask? i reached my 10% goal! go me! this brings the total count to 30.2 lb.

i was also trying to test my awesome new iphone. it was hard to take self-portraits on my old evo and this one is super easy to use. just another reason i love it so much!

today, i also met up with ky, karla and coops for coffee. ky and i then went to southdale so i could get a link taken out of my watch (another bonus of weight loss!) and walk around a couple of stores.

on my way home, i stopped to get salad supplies for easter tomorrow. yup, i celebrate easter now. : ) i also heated up some leftovers from last night's delicious kabobs that jacob grilled.
do not act like you are not jealous! the vegetables were particularly delicious.

so, while jacob works until 9, i need to write a paper for my biology class as well as catch up on grading.

happy (belated) passover and (early) easter!


how do i look?

hello, all!

quick update on this lovely tuesday night.

new pictures first.
i reported on saturday that my weight was up. when this was taken on monday, my home scale already displayed something lower. weighing myself a million times a week is probably not helpful. since saturday, i have done (in my opinion) a really good job of tracking.

jacob and i did have dinner at jimmy john's on monday night. otherwise, i have stuck to my commitment so far of trying to cook (or at least at home) more.

the exercising...has not happened yet. i have a biology midterm on thursday that i am a little stressed about since i did AWFUL on the first one. i know that is an excuse, and excuses do not solve anything, but that is where i am right now. i truly truly truly want to go for a walk tomorrow.

there are a couple of more pinterest recipes i am dying to try!