there is always a new day

i have been trying to stay on track with points this week...though i definitely ate/drank too much yesterday.

alcohol = i think i'm hungry but i'm not really hungry but those rice krispies look dang good so i'm going to eat something anyhow...

i'm actually looking forward to going back to work on friday. i do SO much better when i'm in the routine of school.

on the running side of things, my ankle hurts. a lot. it was feeling better but then soccer made it hurt again. and then jacob jumped on my back yesterday and, well, the ankle gave out. ugh. story of my life - something always hurts!

i have a bunch of photos to post. you can definitely see an increase in the gut size as they get more recent. only way to fix it is to get back to basics!

 i obviously also have an affinity for my "check meowt" shirt. more shopping required???? :)