happy saturday!

this is me today...
super happy. why, you may ask? i reached my 10% goal! go me! this brings the total count to 30.2 lb.

i was also trying to test my awesome new iphone. it was hard to take self-portraits on my old evo and this one is super easy to use. just another reason i love it so much!

today, i also met up with ky, karla and coops for coffee. ky and i then went to southdale so i could get a link taken out of my watch (another bonus of weight loss!) and walk around a couple of stores.

on my way home, i stopped to get salad supplies for easter tomorrow. yup, i celebrate easter now. : ) i also heated up some leftovers from last night's delicious kabobs that jacob grilled.
do not act like you are not jealous! the vegetables were particularly delicious.

so, while jacob works until 9, i need to write a paper for my biology class as well as catch up on grading.

happy (belated) passover and (early) easter!

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