how do i look?

hello, all!

quick update on this lovely tuesday night.

new pictures first.
i reported on saturday that my weight was up. when this was taken on monday, my home scale already displayed something lower. weighing myself a million times a week is probably not helpful. since saturday, i have done (in my opinion) a really good job of tracking.

jacob and i did have dinner at jimmy john's on monday night. otherwise, i have stuck to my commitment so far of trying to cook (or at least at home) more.

the exercising...has not happened yet. i have a biology midterm on thursday that i am a little stressed about since i did AWFUL on the first one. i know that is an excuse, and excuses do not solve anything, but that is where i am right now. i truly truly truly want to go for a walk tomorrow.

there are a couple of more pinterest recipes i am dying to try!

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