i know i have not written for awhile and that is because i have been TERRIBLE about tracking and eating right and going to weigh-ins and not having snacks at night over the past few weeks. UGH.

not only did i gain a few pounds but overall, i just do not feel very well. i will spare you the details but my tummy along with some other things have not been working quite right. i actually have a doctor's appointment scheduled for next tuesday to ask some questions. i keep wondering if i am finally used to eating better and when i revert back to old habits, my body reacts negatively.

i really enjoyed the last few weeks of my summer vacation. jacob and i went with my parents down to chicago for a weekend. we walked around downtown to see the art institute and millennium park and then ate at a nice seafood restaurant. we also spent a day at six flags great america and even though we only had time to go on four rides (the lines are well over an hour), i had a lot of fun. we had great deep-dish pizza on the way home too.

this past weekend, i attended a wedding. many of you probably already saw the pictures that i posted on facebook yesterday. it was SO much fun and i was so honored to be part of the ceremony as a reader. my legs are definitely paying a price form all the dancing i did. they hurt A LOT, so much so that i cannot even bring myself to go for a run tonight. i (we) should be starting a new week of our couch-to-5k schedule but i still need to do one more from last week. double UGH.

i officially went back to work last week. i attended a responsive classroom training through last friday. i actually went to the middle school version last summer so it was interesting to see what it looks like in the elementary grades. it was a little frustrating at times to sit through it since i do not actually have a class of my own to use the concepts with on a daily basis. there are a few things i can try and incorporate into my teaching so i am just going to focus on that this year.

today was the first day of workshop for minneapolis public schools - they start BEFORE labor day. triple UGH. there are a TON of new people at my school which makes me feel less nervous about being there. i am very excited that i get to use a macbook pro in my new position. i know that might seem silly but my computer at home only works when it is plugged in so the use of a good (and new) computer is nice. i do not have a classroom to decorate but i have to put together my desk and work area this week. my packer pennant is already up on my bulletin board!

i do have pictures from the past two weeks. jacob is at a fantasy football draft tonight with his friends so i will have him take new ones tomorrow (even though they will be identical to the ones below).
like i said, i am up at least two or three pounds. i also think that the beige tank-top is not very attractive anymore...too big?

I NEED TO GET BACK ON THE TRAIN!!!! what do you do when you feel yourself slipping back into old habits? how do you handle injury/discomfort and continue training? how do you stay out of the kitchen late at night? all advice is welcome! some inspiration would be nice. : )


  1. Think of how far you have come. Don't let it slip back and go out the window. It's not worth it! You've put way too much work into it. Sometimes we do slip but pick yourself back up and start eating right. I bet your tummy issues will solve themselves once you are eating right again. I was in and out of the doctors office for stomach issues until last summer when I started running and watching what I was putting into my body. It has changed my life. Seriously. I was in so much pain all of the time.

  2. I'm glad to hear that small changes helped you out so much - that is a relief to hear! Thank you for the support!