exciting times!

greetings! the summer is flying by and i am sadly realizing just how soon i will have to be getting up early and actually working. woe-is-me, right? : )

i have been completely addicted to the olympics, especially the gymnastics competitions. i definitely get nostalgic for the days of competition. i was never anywhere NEAR the talent level of the "fab five." my only claim to fame is a first place vault at the state competition when i was in level 5. i could do a mean front handspring.

i digress! let us talk about some milestones, particularly those that have been coming on the scale. as many of you already know, i hit the 50 lb mark last saturday (actually, 51!) and added another 2 lb to now make the total at 53. i am getting to the point where i can really consider thinking about my "goal weight." the range for my height is pretty large, from 117 (minimum) to 146 (maximum). that is a HUGE difference! my leader suggested the idea of picking the maximum for the goal, earning the "lifetime" (a.k.a. free membership for life) status, and then continuing with weight loss beyond that, if i desire. seems like a reasonable plan - time will tell!

jacob and i have also successfully completed the first two weeks of our couch to 5k running plan. the photos from this past monday were taken right after we returned from a run, so excuse the HOTT clothes that i am sporting.

in other news, i am so happy that i finally was able to sign the contract for my new job!!!! again, i am going to be a math specialist at green central community school with minneapolis public schools. i have yet to really find out what i will be doing but i DO know that i will be in fourth and fifth grade classrooms working with classroom teachers. i have a responsive classroom training coming up in two weeks, along with some new teacher trainings, workshop week, AND frequent math professional development sessions. whew! it makes me tired just typing it all out.

we finally have a new driveway, patio/porch, and white picket fence! only took a month...

i went with jacob down to mankato yesterday to watch vikings training camp. gross. : ) i wore a packer t-shirt, fully knowing that i would get picked on. i have to say, most of the people were very nice if they said anything and i even got a few high-fives! we started by waiting outside where players came to sign autographs. jacob did not really recognize any of the guys since "they don't have on jerseys!"
 (not sure why he still has not realized that i post ALL pictures, no exceptions...)

we did go and watch the beginning of the afternoon training session. it was freakin' HOT out and we did not last very long before deciding to go home. i took some photos of the action. 
                                             webbing?                         ponder (no aaron rodgers though!)
 a.p. training on his own. i will give him a lot of props for dedication.

like i said, i am just going to enjoy my last week off. i have my faithful companions to hang out with.

i think i may go paddle-boarding this week with some friends. not really sure that i will be too coordinated at it but i will give it my best effort!


  1. Awesome job my dear! U should take a pic in that blue Beatles shirt....


  2. Good idea! Maybe that should be the final photo.