on the up & up

this has been an icky week - i have been sick since last thursday night and only just started feeling better today. being sick is the WORST. i left school early on friday, stayed home monday, and left early again yesterday. i finally went to the doctor and aside from suggesting that i take my migraine medicine, he did not have a definite reason as to why i was feeling so bad. luckily, taking the migraine medicine seemed to work and i feel (mostly) like myself again. : )

weight-wise, i was up again on saturday. THOSE FREAKIN' THREE POUNDS. even though i was sick, i still had an appetite and was eating pretty normally. i noticed this morning the number was down again so i hope i can maintain it until saturday. jacob and i did go for a walk tonight. it was nice to get outside for a bit. 

remember that black dress from the other week? well, i went back to target and got it in blue. 
pardon the hair and glasses, i was still feeling a bit "off" when i was getting ready. 

my first personal training session is tomorrow with melvin at la fitness. my only request will be for him not to make me cry.

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