looking good, billy ray! feeling good, louis!

last week was a very good week.

something "clicked" and i was able to make it to this past saturday for an amazing weigh-in. as i already posted this weekend, i was down 4.4 lb and back into the 140's. woo hoo!

i talked with my leader about a goal weight and she told me to think about it over the next week.what a difficult decision to make! when i joined la fitness last week, the personal trainer gave me a number but my leader (not to mention me!) thinks it is not realistic. what to do!?

do i go for the lower number or the one that is maintainable? UGH.

i am proud of all my activity that i have been doing - personal training, zumba, soccer, walking - so much more than i did all summer.

me this week.
new dress from target! :)

hoping more trick-or-treaters show up this year than last - pretty sure the biggest group we had was a bunch of high schoolers!

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