long time, no posts

here i am. the blog avoider.

i wrote back in march that i had not posted in a few weeks because i had not been following weight watchers or exercising or doing much of anything helpful in the "get healthy" department...and i am here to say, again, that i still have not been doing anything to help make sure i can get into my very pretty wedding dress next year.

all i have been doing lately is eating. i have been trying to run...but like always, i hurt something and stop for a little bit.

i signed up for a 10k at the end of august with the intention of training hardcore but have already fallen off that plan.


i have said before that i am a self-sabotager.

i wish i could explain why i constantly do this but i have no answer. it is really frustrating. i am frustrated with myself. i am frustrated with my inability to follow through. i want to follow through. so badly.

i decided (with jacob's encouragement) to try the fitbit now. it will track my steps, sleep, water intake,  and calories burned. it does a bunch of other stuff too. i lost my activelink from weight watchers...should probably call and cancel that. i am still being charged $5 a month to have it activated. always the procrastinator...or the forgetful one...not sure which to choose at this moment.

so, back to the basics tomorrow. i guess i am kind of ready to get back to work. i do SO much better when i have the routine of school. when i sit at home, the only thing i find to do sometimes is to snack. that is a bit more difficult when you are in the middle of teaching a lesson, right?

in other news, i have been busy working on wedding plans that can be completed this far in advance. aside from booking our venue, we found a photographer, (probably) found a florist, and are working on desserts and a dj. this impatient lady wants the "to-do list" to have as many checks as possible before school starts this year.

new pictures tomorrow. no photographer around right now.

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