feeling a little stuck

well, the weigh-in this past weekend did not give me the results i was hoping to see. i was only down 0.2 pounds. UGH. my scale at home said something MUCH different - the only advice my leader gave was, "don't trust your scale at home."

really? i do not buy it. if that is the scale that i have been using from the start, why should i ignore what it says? plus, i can weigh myself naked at home! : ) i have to wear clothes at the meetings so i really truly feel like it is not accurate. if i go by MY scale, i was down another 2 pounds. so maybe i will just split the difference...???

updated pictures:

i am liking the side view much better! the muffin top just needs to go...sigh...

i realize that exercise just has to become part of my schedule. i keep putting it off and i know it is the obvious addition that will help the weight come off a bit faster. and maybe not eating out so much on the weekends. i have not gone crazy at any restaurants but it is hard to know exact point values.

on another note, happy valentine's day! even though i did not get to see my valentine for too long before he went to work, i know that we will celebrate on friday (our "date night"). he had two dozen roses delivered to me at school today - they were super pretty! checkout my facebook page for a picture. i got him some really funny cards, silly candy and an office chair. yup, you read that right - an office chair.

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