first milestone

got my first 5 pound sticker! woo hoo! and a "bravo" sticker, since i bravely tried the brownie mix with just water and black beans. sounds weird but it was pretty good. so, with what i also lost just doing weight watchers online, my scale says i am down about 16 pounds.

i did pretty well during the super bowl yesterday. i ate lots of veggies (thanks, ky!), apples with marshmallow/cream cheese dip, tostitos with cheese/turkey chili dip, two mini cookies with frosting, and two handfuls of starburst all red (watermelon, cherry and strawberry) jelly beans. i considered that lunch AND dinner. : )

all-in-all, the scale did not scare me this morning! to be on the safe side, i sent the peanut M&Ms that never got open to work with  jacob. he also finished off the cookies, haha. i had some jelly beans today but threw the rest into the garbage. i am having an apple with the marshmallow/cream cheese dip one more time before discarding the rest of the it. my plan is to just not use the extra 49 points that we get for the rest of the week. just in case. ; )

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