i cooked AND did the dishes! : )

quick check-in! as it is monday, i owe everyone a photo update:

and again, to satisfy my curiosity...
 now, i think there is still a muffin-top on display...and i was preferring to wear the sweatshirt i had been sporting all day...but jacob insisted that i lose it for the snapshots. grrrr. i will say that someone at work who is unaware of my little mission commented on how i looked today - in a good way - which made me feel slightly less upset about NOT taking a slice of the homemade cheesecake at today's work potluck. i only brought myself to try on one pair of jeans the other day, which i am proudly wearing (well, squeezed into might be more accurate) today.

yup, i had to work today while lots of you got to sleep in.

on another note, jacob and i did a massive food shop tonight and i made a 7 point macaroni and cheese:
the only variation i made to the original recipe was to add a little bit of panko breadcrumbs to the top. reminds me of grandma blanche (i.e. mom's mom). : )

also happy to report that the yucky olive green in the background of the kitchen is changing to a red as we speak! i suppose a lot of you who may read this have never even seen pictures of our townhouse (we moved in at the end of august)...so when painting FINALLY ends, i will post a few shots of our pad.