hello all!

it has been awhile since i have posted. sorry.

i have had conflicts the past few weekends so i have not been able to weigh-in like normal. i think, based on my scale, that i am down about 0.9 lb. again, that is based on my home scale which might not match. oh well!

i can say, that i am within 20 lb of the high end of my height's weight range. i still have not decided about the final number. this last bunch of pounds is a little scary to me. all the exercise i have been avoiding is probably going to have to start. and being that it is summer vacation...UGH! no excuses, right? : )

here are pictures from last week and this week.

not sure i see anything new of note. just that my legs are super pale from wearing pants all year long! here is to taking advantage of the nice weather this weekend and getting outside for some sun!

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