snacky mcsnackerson

p.s. if you are not watching donald driver dance his freestyle on 'dancing with the stars'...well, i am not sure we can be friends anymore. : )

photo monday is here!
pardon the yucky outfit, i spent the day at the zoo with my seventh graders. surprisingly, they were super well behaved and all seventeen made it back to school by the end of the day! my legs look ridiculously white so please do not judge!

i have been struggling to stay out of the kitchen late at night - hence, the title of this post. it has not negatively impacted me but i know i need to be more careful, especially so close to bedtime. check back later this week!


  1. Looking very good!!


  2. thanks! you should start tracking progress this way! you could keep it more private though. it is really helpful to have the visual. : )