playing catch-up

greetings! sorry that i have been absent recently. i guess that this whole "summer vacation" thing has gotten to me. i have been enjoying sleeping in, watching terrible reality tv and spending time with jacob when he has days off - lounging by the pool and going to valleyfair.

most recently i spent time visiting my ADORABLE (not that i am biased or anything) nieces, baya and byanka, in louisville, kentucky. oh yeah, my brother and sister-in-law too. : ) we went swimming at the pool, got ice cream, played at a park, watched LOTS of animated movies and just hung around the house. i am a very proud aunt so excuse the numerous pictures i am sharing.
 Picking me up from the airport. 
 "Jammies" & "miiiiilk" time before bed.
Playing outside in the backyard. 
 Before we went to a fancy dinner Saturday night.
Seeing "Brave" at the theater.
 Getting homemade ice cream.

 Baya is ready for dance class. 
 Practicing ballet and tap.
 At the playground.
 Plane ride home. Twins playing at night!

all in all, i had a blast. it was nice to see them but i missed jacob. i know, i know, i am such a girl. back in reality, i was up weight-wise last week but i am already back down and under as of today. i am definitely looking forward to the weigh-in on saturday - weird, right? new pictures, as always.
i hope hope hope that maybe i will hit the 150s soon - if not this week, then next - so think good thoughts for me!

i also excited because my elementary/middle/high/college/forever friend rachel is visiting this weekend and i hope that we have lots of fun despite the ridiculous heat!

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