it's so hot right now...

...milk was a bad choice.

my gosh, it is so freakin' hot here in minnesota this past week. i heard it is allegedly going to cool off by friday so i am definitely keeping my fingers crossed. as many of you already know, the association for our townhouse decided that THIS would be the best week to redo our driveways and patios, therefore turning off our air conditioning. UGH! on the bright side (is there a bright side?), i am camped out in the living room and aside from the annoying workers making SO MUCH NOISE outside, i am at least not sweating to death. rumor has it that they are going to finish by next tuesday... i mostly feel bad for jacob who is trying to sleep right now and i cannot imagine having to do it while they are digging a TRENCH where our driveway used to be.
view from the front door

so other news to report. my friend, rachel, visited last weekend and it was SOOOO nice to see her. she lives in green bay so i normally only see her when i go to neenah to visit my parents. we walked calhoun, relaxed by the pool, grilled, went to a farmer's market, watched a parade, shopped at the mall of america, ate at chiang mai thai (super good, btw!), and stopped by bar abilene. i had lots of fun and i hope she did too!
                             watching the parade in the shade                   officer eve                                

last but not least, photo updates. as i reported last saturday, i was down in the 150's! that just seems crazy to me. i am within 15-20 pounds of my final goal weight. i really hope i can get there by september, but that might be pushing it!
i see differences - finally! there is no doubt in my mind that i look much smaller now. it was honestly really hard to see it for awhile but i will not pretend like i do not see it anymore. please also excuse the outfit on the right, i have a tendency to stay in pajamas when i know i am not going anywhere for the day. hopefully i will have another great weigh-in on saturday!

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  1. So I totally follow your blog and was catching up with Kate from our cohort and as we talked about people we do and don't keep in touch with, your blog came up because we both follow it. It's fun to follow and congratulations on the weight loss. You look great!