workin' on my fitness

hello. my name is erica and i am a bad blogger. you would think with nothing to do over the summer that i could find time to write this once a week but alas, i am the queen of avoidance.

the last time i went to a weight watchers meeting, i was up 0.4 lb. i went to the doctor last friday and according to their scale, i was back down. since my parents were visiting, i did not bother going to a meeting last saturday. i am still down but i will get an official number this weekend. promise.

in the meantime, i am trying this whole exercising thing. i purposely signed up for two soccer teams again, something i have not done in a long time. it is nice because the games are typically scheduled back-to-back and it makes the drive up to richfield more worth it. kickball, as much fun as it is, is not always the most active so i am trying to go out for walks/jogs/runs. i am not training for anything in particular; the goal is to be able to run 3 miles without wanting to die.

most recent pictures:

i realized that i should have taken these pictures all along in workout gear so you would have seen more of a difference in my legs and whatnot. oh well. and i did not want forget this amazing one of jacob: 
 the only plan i have the rest of the week besides this "exercise" thing that people say is so good for you, is trying to watch as many "breaking bad" episodes on netflix that i can. jacob finally got netflix streaming again on the playstation 3. i tried a few times to update it but the whole system kept shutting down. this yet again confirms how disastrous i can be with technology.

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