quick check-in

sorry to bother again!

i am back with my weekly photo update.
i ordered my friend karla to take it while we were at the apple valley aquatic center with alissa, whitney, and her son, alex. i think the first photo looks a little weird because i am wearing a swimsuit under the tank and shorts...i think that i look a little droopy! ; ) we had a lot of fun in the lazy river - it was SO hot out. 

i am excited to report that we allegedly will have a driveway again this week! the asphalt is supposed to go down on wednesday and will be able to drive on it by friday. i am super sick of parking on the grass and my car being ridiculously hot when i get inside!

jacob and i did some yoga this afternoon and it felt so relaxing. we used one session from the on demand through our cable and another from a dvd that came with our mats when we first bought them. i will have to find some other ones to use at home so we do not get bored of them.

i have nothing going on the rest of the week which means i have no excuse but to get my butt outside to run. we are having some of jacob's family over on friday for dinner so i also have to make sure i get the house cleaned up a bit before then. we seem to only clean before company comes over...oops.

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