at least not weight-related...

jacob and i are engaged! crazy. we have talked about it lots and i knew it was going to happen sooner than later but he TOTALLY took me by surprise last friday when i got home from work and he asked me to marry him!!!!!!

whew. that is a ridiculous run-on. sorry to the language arts folks out there.

my parents were visiting so he was able to tell them in person that he was going to ask. here we are on the night of the engagement.
i LOVE the ring. i picked the setting out in december when we visited a jeweler in wisconsin near where my parents live. he was in charge of the stone and even though i had always said princess cut, the round stone looks AMAZING. he did a fantabulous job. :)

on saturday, we went out to dinner with my parents and his parents to celebrate. when we got there, my brother had a surprise for us waiting!
despite some misspelled names, i thought it was so CUTE. thanks again, brother.

we enjoyed a lovely dinner and everyone came back to our house after for dessert. all in all, i could not have imagined a better way to celebrate such happy news!
now the planning begins! just kidding. we are thinking about october 2014 so it might be just a tad too early to book a dj. our focus right now is the guest list and a venue.

and now, in non-wedding news...

all the celebrating equaled too much food and too many drinks. ugh. i was up at last saturday's weigh-in and i really do not want to even think about going to weigh-in this saturday. i know that i should but it may take a LOT of convincing. with my birthday arriving next friday...UGH again. i need to get back to the basics!

last photos.
for now, i am just focusing on getting through march and making it to spring break in april!

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