sooooo...the blog does not update on its own?!?!

i was just looking at someone else's blog who observed that unless you write a blog for a living, it is really hard to update them regularly. totally agree! i constantly find myself thinking, 'oh, i should write today,' but then end up wasting my time doing something else (like watching ridiculous tv) instead. ugh.

i realize it has been two weeks since my last entry. oops. last week's weigh-in sucked; i was up another pound. this past weekend's weigh-in was better, dropping most of those DAMN THREE POUNDS that continue to haunt me. seriously!? so obnoxious.

i have been really active in the last week, which i think is 100% the reason why i finally saw the scale go back down. i played four games of soccer from last wednesday to yesterday AND did two workouts at the gym - even when our personal trainer did not show up for our session! i even ran on the treadmill for a bit before driving up to minneapolis for soccer. "ran" might be a bit of a stretch...it was more like some fast-paced walking with a little bit of running. oh hell...most people would probably qualify it as a jog. whatever. i was moving. and it helped me earn 9 activity points.

i have plans to go to the gym tomorrow night for zumba as well as wednesday and friday mornings. i have been trying SO HARD to go in the morning when it is way less crowded and to just get it out of the way from the rest of the day. i also have soccer wednesday (and maybe friday? depends on a certain someone's knee...talking to you, karen!) and for sure on sunday.

two sets of new pictures.
my photographer noted that the gray pants are too big. i am starting to worry that the black pants are also not fitting well anymore.  it is definitely a good thing, but it also means spending money when i am trying to save! i know, i know, the girl losing weight should not complain about having to buy clothes - what did she expect to happen, right? sorry.

my weekend was pretty boring overall. i got my hair dyed and trimmed on friday before the late soccer game. i weighed-in on saturday morning, took a glorious nap, saw "silver linings playbook" with jacob (which was AMAZING), and grabbed taco john's for dinner afterwards. i love taco john's. two tacos without cheese is only 8 points, which i think is completely reasonable. jacob had to work so i entertained myself with justin bieber on snl - was not that impressed. maybe it is only me, but i feel like he tries way too hard to be justin timberlake. just sayin'.

last night, we went and had dinner at buca's to celebrate a very early valentine's day. jacob works on thursday so we agreed to go to dinner ahead of time. it was amazingly delicious and i did not feel like i overate. a little caprese salad, spicy rigatoni, chicken parmesan, and, yes, some tiramasu. i figured the 9 activity points warranted a few bites of the tiramasu.

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