turn around...every now and then i get a little bit terrified the best of all the years have gone by...

i need to turn it around!!!!!!!!!!!

i gained 2.6 on saturday. and i ate TERRIBLY all weekend. UGH.

this needs to stop!!!!!!!!!

other than that, not much to report. except the getting a new car. no biggie. ;)

it is a 2012 certified pre-owned "tornado red" vw jetta. i enjoy the heated the most! it was time to ditch the neon for more reliable transportation. not starting in the morning (and dying later friday night) was enough to justify the decision.


check out my new polka-dot pants.
 i guess you probably cannot tell there are polka-dots. but trust me! they are there! and they are REALLY tight...oh well.

here is to making better choices the rest of the week.

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