avoidance is not the answer

i have been trying not to write this because last saturday, i only lost 0.4 lb. i was super disappointed. and i did not think that my pictures showed much of a difference.

 i spent the majority of last weekend finishing up grades for trimester 2 report cards. i thought i would capture it for you all.
at our last weight watchers meeting, we discussed the importance of portion size. i went out to buy some new measuring cups and spoons right after i left. i decided that i needed to encourage myself to eat more vegetables. i went home and immediately split up the food into containers. i used red peppers, carrots, string beans and snow peas (snap peas? not sure which it is but i think they are essentially the same).
i have also fallen in love with pinterest. it is completely addicting. i have pinned a ton of recipes to my board "betty crocker?" and actually tried to make one of them on thursday night. i went with a lemon garlic chicken with string beans and red potatoes. 

 as i read in the comment section of the post, it did turn out to be too lemony for my taste (that was even with making half the recipe AND still lessening the amount of lemon juice!). i might not line the bottom of the baking dish with the lemon slices next time and just use the juice in the evoo/garlic/salt/pepper mix.

i am hoping that tomorrow's weigh-in goes better. at least with the warm weather, i can wear less clothing! 

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