long time, no post!

hello, followers! haha, who am i kidding, hardly anyone reads this!

i spent the last week on spring break and it definitely showed at my weigh-in. i was up 0.6 lb. i went to a weight watchers near my parents' house so i am considering the fact that it was obviously a different scale...maybe that is why it was off? i certainly did not go over my points last week. oh well, i will be more careful this time around!

photos (though they really look the same as last week's shots, in my opinion):

you may have noticed that i am sporting a shorter 'do. decided to chop a couple of inches off and add some highlights. it was nice to  be a little pampered. not so nice that my contact popped out during the middle of the haircut and i drove home with one eye closed. safest decision? probably not. : )

it was nice to spend more than two hours at a time with jacob. we went to the auto show, mall of america, ikea, his mom's house for dinner, home goods...all over the place! and we tried one of my pinterest recipe finds:
penne a la vodka from rachael ray, of all people. it was delish! only adjustment we made was to add some protein in the form of chicken.

nine weeks of school left! hunger games with some folks on friday! good times ahead. : )

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