happy (almost) birthday to me!

picture time!

 probably should have taken the sweater off, but oh well! the belly over the jeans is slowly disappearing.

on a completely different note, since jacob works most of this week, i got my birthday present tonight!
yup, i am so old that i get a keurig for a birthday present. : ) i also think it was just an excuse so he could use it too... i am enjoying a gloria jean's butter toffee k-cup. we also had dinner earlier in the evening at buffalo wild wings. it is definitely hard to order 8 boneless hot bbq wings and only eat half of them. UGH. 

you can also see in the new pictures of me that the kitchen is now a fabulous RED. yeah!!! only took six months...we are now in the process of "accessorizing." i have been getting LOTS of great ideas from pinterest. it is so addicting!

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