happy weekend

had a nice little weekend...started with chaperoning the middle school dance friday night. as i mentioned in my earlier status, i think i danced more than the kids. oh well! i guess that is what happens when you only have 50 kids total between sixth and eighth grade and not all of them decide to attend. but, it was a good workout!

weight watchers meeting started saturday. after last week's big drop, i was not expecting much of anything so i was happy with -1.0 this time around. that brings the total to 12.2 lb (since 1/14/12)/22.2 lb (since whenever the heck i first registered online).

after a long afternoon of errands, plus an amazing nap, i met up with some folks for dinner at the tavern on france. it was SO good. i opted to make my own flatbread pizza:
that would be a picture of the leftovers...garlic aioli sauce, shrimp scampi, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, and roma tomatoes. YUM. it was hard not to devour the whole thing, but ordering a side salad to start definitely helped.

today, i made it my mission to do a little baking:
i started with the fiber one apple cinnamon muffins. it was my intention to make the "healthy" version using less water, applesauce, and egg whites, but i realized a little too late that i only had the ingredients for the regular version. oh well. even at 5 points a piece, they're pretty tasty. i'll save the healthy version for the other box in the pantry.

later in the afternoon, i proceeded to the brownies. again, i went with the "healthy"-er version, that involves just using the brownie mix with a can of diet coke. 
they turn out a little more cake-like this way, but when one is in need of a 3-point chocolate fix, does it really matter? 

so, pictures of me tomorrow. no one is around right now to help take them anyhow. : )

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