excited for fall!

happy september!

did you know that FOOTBALL SEASON is here??? it is my favorite time of year. i love the cool weather and all the clothes i can start wearing. i especially love layers, sweaters and scarves. now that i FINALLY get a paycheck on friday, i can do a little shopping. a trip to albertville seems to be in order, right?

my labor day weekend was nice and relaxing. i was able to go on a ride-along with jacob on saturday from 8 pm to 4 am. we made lots of stops and took one person to jail for a dwi. drinking and driving is bad news, folks! those creepy commercials with the cops blending into the walls have a point... we ended up leaving jordan so late that we stopped for breakfast at perkins on the way home. even though i wanted to sleep all day, i made myself get up so that i could go to bed at a normal hour that night.

i intended to get up early today but had trouble with that darn alarm... ; ) i actually drove up to campus late this afternoon to help with recruitment at alpha gamma delta. today was open house and it was actually kind of fun to dress up and help out. on the downside, i got stung by a freakin' bee! i mean, really, i have the worst luck staying healthy!

my litle, irene, was gracious enough to be my photographer for me this week.
and look what my sandals did to my feet! i wore them all around new york last summer and NEVER had this happen. i look infected by something!

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