the scale does not lie...unfortunately

back at frustration station. was up 2.8 at today's weigh-in. UGH.

i know that i cannot be mad; i was the one who did not eat well this week. i ran out of my weekly 49 extra points on like, tuesday...which means the beer, nachos, popcorn, candy and donut (ok, it might have been donutS...) that i ate yesterday was definitely NOT the wisest move before a weigh-in.

i was telling (ok, ok, lamenting...) to jacob that i think i have been going through a phase where i just do not want to say "no" anymore. which is ridiculous! i know it is not about saying no but about figuring out how to have what you want in an appropriate portion.

i wanted to avoid the weigh-in this morning but know that i needed to see the number and have it recorded in order to move forward. i had my 26 points today and nothing extra. i just need to go back to the basics.

on a more positive note, i was able to go to a twins game last night with meg and dave - first one for me this season. but they lost. of course. : )

today was also the home opener for gopher football!!!! it was so much fun to actually see them WIN. and i do NOT care that it was against new hampshire. a win is a win is a win. and we take all the wins we can get. i posted a bunch of photos on facebook today and did my best at being "cool" by finally downloading instagram. some of the shots i took with it actually turned out well! here are some of others.
 sitting in traffic on university. i told him to look "happy."
 we had heard that hardly any student tickets had been sold...you can see close at the top that there were a LOT of empty seats in the upper student section.
 they took the final score off the big board quickly so this was the only one still up to prove that yes, we really did win! 

one last thing - GO PACK GO! oh yeah, nfl season is in full swing too!
i need this shirt.

i am for sure watching the game tomorrow and then meeting up with friends at pinstripes in edina for dinner.

great weekend!!!!!

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