"domination" station, indeed

this past saturday, i was up 0.2 lb. by sunday morning, i was down again. i wish i could "dominate" more regularly! i have actually been to the doctor recently about that very problem. she suggested a colonoscopy - GROSS. i am waiting for my new insurance cards to arrive before i schedule it...ugh.

anywho, more pleasant things occurred this weekend! let me share. we had a real date night on friday! it is very rare that we get to do that with jacob's schedule. we used a gift certificate to eat at the outback steakhouse and then went to see "end of watch." holy. crap. most realistic cop movie that i have ever seen. i was BAWLING through the end. i would highly recommend it.

saturday was the gopher against syracuse at the first night game of the season. it was SO cold. but they won! they actually picked the GOPHERS during espn's college game day. we NEVER get talked about on espn! as always, it was lots of fun and the people that sit behind us were very entertaining per usual. they used to be goldy in the early '90s. one of the guys says that he started the tradition of goldy doing push-ups after the football team scores. and that he was the first goldy to wear a cape. weird.

on sunday, i surprised jacob and cleaned - crazy. i am not domestic. i was working on laundry as well as going through my clothes to see what really does not fit anymore. my pants pile is now very small but you can actually slide the hangers back and forth!
and finally, here are my newest photo updates. i was told i looked very "trendy" today. not sure if it was a compliment or not. i guess i will take it either way.
i am hoping to get back into the 140s by the next weigh-in. i have been snacking too much at night again. i tried the theory of using more of my extra points over this past weekend so that i just do not have them available by friday. i need to stop eating out (or at least eating so much) on friday nights. i do not have much going on this week (at night) so i do not see an issue with using them up so early.

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