thank goodness for belts!

for most of my life, i have never been a fan of belts. my mother constantly bugged me about wearing one, making sure to point it out anytime i pulled my pants up a bit. truth be told, i never liked wearing belts because the buckle dug into my belly. whew. got that one out there. : )

but now...i really cannot wear most of my pants without a belt, which happen to be freakin' extra-larges. wearing a belt that is too big to hold up pants that are too big - i find it endlessly humorous.

as of this past saturday, i had officially lost 55 pounds. this morning, the scale was in the 140s, which i cannot even begin to believe. we will have to wait and see if i can hold that the rest of the week. i tend to weigh-in very low on mondays since i play two soccer games most sundays. by friday...it is a different story. the fact that i am so close to my goal weight is making me want to try a little harder to not be so cavalier with my extra 49 points this week.

here is me from last monday and today.
this is one of my ridiculous belts.
since the beginning of this journey, i have kept my starting and goal weights private. i have been debating recently about whether or not i want to share those numbers whenever i decide to be done. like i said from the start, it was never about a specific "number" (though to be a lifetime/free member of weight watchers, you need to be within a certain range...) but about feeling better about myself. i definitely feel better about myself. and i am starting to think that i every right to be proud of whatever the total loss ends up being. 

so, to all my readers, this is my promise that when i hit my goal weight - which is seriously, like, 6-7 pounds away - i will share my beginning and ending weights. i mean, really - you know i will take a picture of the scale to prove it. : )

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