i have a serious case of the munchies

i am having difficulty staying out of the kitchen at night. i eat dinner and am completely satisfied...and then i go back in to find dessert...and then another snack...and then something else...and it continues on and on until i just feel pretty gross and disappointed with myself.


i need a muzzle. or to wire my jaw shut. haha, just kidding. but not really. seriously, i need to find a way to tone down my grazing.

what i really want to do is start waking up early and going to the gym before work. i figure that will kill two birds with one stone - get me to the gym more often and force me to go to bed earlier (which in turn, would probably stop the snacking).

now i actually have to do it. one thing to write it, another to follow through on it.

i will at least get a good start tomorrow. karen and i have training with kenzie bright and early at 5:30 am. so. early.

anyhow. went shopping last friday and got some new stuff. debuted a new outfit this past tuesday at school.
 the pants are MUCH brighter in person but i thought it was a super fun color. keeping my fingers crossed that my weigh-in on saturday goes okay despite all the snacks!

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