another milestone

good evening!

i would like to update you all to my most recent weigh-in results. i was only down 0.6 lb this week but i am still in the 160s which is really all that matters to me right now!

at 25 lb lost, you get a "charm" to go with your keychain, which is given for losing 10% overall.
by the time i finish this journey, i should get another one to add to the collection. 

i met friends for a late lunch at the cheesecake factory. can you believe they have a "skinny" menu now!? kind of crazy. maybe they have realized how ridiculous their portions are. i ordered a house salad, vinaigrette dressing on the side and mexican chicken lettuce tacos. everything was delicious, though i never expect anything less at that restaurant. on the way out, i noticed RED VELVET CHEESECAKE is available right now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. that is my all time favorite kind that they usually only have during the holidays. it took EVERY ounce of strength and will-power to not get a slice to go. 

after a walk around the mall, i am now home and enjoying some pizza for dinner. i am trying to motivate myself to either study for my biology final or catch up on some grading. we will see if either happen...

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