two week lull

i know it has been a bit since i have written an update. many apologies.

things have been a little slow-going so i think i was just avoiding writing anything. but alas, i must move forward and continue on so here is a look at the last fourteen days.

as always, i owe the weekly shots of myself. the first set is from two weeks ago and the second set is from this previous week.

i think they look pretty identical. i missed my first weigh-in last weekend due to an out of town commitment so as of this morning, i was down another 1.4 lb which puts the overall total at 38.4 lb. i probably did not track as well as i could have and i KNOW i ate out too much. i am also officially on the lowest daily point value, which is 26. it seems like a scary number.

with that said, i have made a commitment that at least for the next week, i want to eat much more fruit and stay away from more of the processed snacks i usually grab from the snack drawer. i made sure to pick up apples, grapes, bananas, nectarines and cherries.

as i mentioned before, i was out of town last weekend in tofte, mn, celebrating a bachelorette party. we relaxed, drank, hotubbed (is that even a word?), ate, played games, and hiked. here a couple of shots from our hike through temperance park along the superior hike trail as well as a few from the back deck of our condo at blue fin bay resort.

that is all! i will try to do a better job from now on. i guess it is easier to write these posts when i lose more than just 1.4 lb over two weeks.

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