oh dear.

i have a problem. shopping. i have been trying to avoid doing it but target had all of their spring/summer stuff out and i just could not resist...

besides, i have SO many items sitting in the spare room to get rid of that two tops...and a dress...seemed harmless. PLUS - and this is the best part - i fit into a MEDIUM and a SIZE 10!

Merona® Womens Casual Pleated Bib Tank - Assorted ColorsThe Webster at Target® Sheath Dress - Deco Print Navy/Melon
Merona® Womens Split Neck Top with Sequin Trim - Assorted Colors

i actually purchased the purple shirt in a navy blue and white pattern...but they do not seem to have it online. i honestly had to ask the worker if the shirts looked too tight because i am not used to wearing a medium. 

finally, i bought the dress. i have a dress that i want to wear to a wedding in august but i am a little nervous about whether or not it will fit by then. target has a 90 day return policy so i figure i can hold onto it for awhile and see what happens. they had a limited number of sizes available so i grabbed it. they are featuring "the webster" clothing line right now, which i have honestly never heard of. apparently it is out of miami.

there are also a pair of shoes i would like to order:
Webst Wedge Sandal Collection.Opens in a new window.
i am highly interested in the coral wedges. how cute?! i did not see them in the store so i am curious as to whether they will arrive soon or if they can only be ordered online. i bought a pair of navy blue wedges from nordstrom to go with the other dress but i do not know that they will go with that new dress. nordstrom has a pretty lenient return policy so i figure i have some time to make my final decision.

these are the nordstrom pair:
Splendid 'Kutie' Sandal

have an opinion? let me know! maybe i will take a picture in the dress to post tomorrow and you can all let me know what you think. : )

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