good things!

i know, i know, i am WAY behind in posts. many, many apologies.

i went to atlanta over the weekend to see my family and more importantly, baby-sit baya and byanka while my parents, brother, and sister-in-law attended wedding festivities of an old family friend. my guess is that if you read this, you see my updates and already saw all the mobile uploads of the girls. i know i am their aunt, but i think they are ridiculously cute (even when whining for milk!).

i did weigh-in while i was in georgia. it is amusing to me that i need that number every saturday. burton and the girls came along saturday morning when i lost another 1.6 lb. woo hoo! i hit my 25 lb mark so i will have to celebrate with my normal 10:30 meeting group in burnsville this coming weekend.

so, overall, i have lost a total of 36.4 lb. CRAZY!!!!

AND...i am finally back in the 160s!!!!!!!

i canNOT remember the last time i weighed anywhere near the 160s.

i am just really proud of myself. i have never stuck with a diet program this long. and honestly, i do not even see it as a diet but as a way to just learn how to eat better. do i eat out? sure. i sampled hotdogs and burgers from top chef's richard blais' restaurants, hd1 and flipburger. what other program besides weight watchers lets you do that? i honestly do not know.

i owe two sets of pictures, those from last week and the most recent from this week.

i feel like my face, neck, and throat definitely look thinner. i carry my weight sort of high (thanks, mom...) so i know it will take awhile before i feel like i do not have a "muffin top" anymore. a couple of people have commented on how much of a difference you can see now and i finally must admit that i think i can really see it too.

a week or two ago, jacob "strongly encouraged" me to go through my clothing...and i was frustrated by how much of it still did not fit. this made me think, 'how on EARTH was i wearing some of this stuff before???' but i realized, i really was just not wearing it at all so i removed a TON to try and sell/donate. jacob's new rule is that for every piece of new clothing i buy, i must get rid of four old pieces; a new pair of shoes calls for the removal of two pairs of old shoes. it was much easier to do than i expected! at this point, i am just going to abstain from buying anything because i do not know my end goal yet. i figure it would be a waste of money to be replacing items now.

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  1. That's awesome Erica - and you looked great this weekend!! Very proud of you.