short & sweet

i am happy to report that i had a very good week through last weigh-in. i was down 2.6, including the 0.2 that i had been up the previous week. woo hoo! it is so exciting to be in the 140s...i really cannot remember if i have ever been this small before. i feel like during high school i might have been in the 150s but quickly rose to the 170s by the time i was finished student teaching in 2007. 

anyhow! new pictures: 
i have also been wearing the activelink that weight watchers recently put out. it is supposed to track my activity points more accurately. i am currently finishing up the eight day assessment and then it will map out a twelve week program for me to complete. it literally tells you NOT to do anything differently during the assessment but jacob and i went on a three mile walk tonight. oops.

that is all i got today! looking forward to this weekend already - going with friends to sever's corn maze on saturday and having folks over on sunday for football watching.

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