back on track

so, yes, i was up 0.8 last saturday but i am already doing better and weighed back in the 140s this morning. thank you to all of you who provided such supportive comments and advice. it is nice to know how many of you read my silly little blog. it means a tremendous amount to me.

i had a lovely weekend hanging out with my parents. we did some shopping (like always!) and i actually cooked dinner for them on saturday. it is always intimidating to cook for my mom because to me, she is the best cook in the world (jacob is a very close second). BUT, she had lots of compliments to give about the fajitas which made me feel good. can you tell i am a mama's girl? : )

during my day off last friday, i decided to join la fitness. i have a friend who belongs and i thought it would be a good idea to go to a gym with someone. i am having a personal fitness assessment tomorrow night and i am going to try zumba...i am a little nervous about it. i would not call myself a stellar dancer nor someone with tons of rhythm so i will just keep my fingers crossed that i do not make too big of a fool of myself.

here is to staying on the right path! i am feeling very motivated again. jacob and i went on a 2.57 mile walk tonight (though we did get dessert afterwards...). new pictures:
looking forward to a massage on wednesday (woo hoo!), more chiropractor visits for my messed up neck and back (did i tell you all that i crashed and totaled my car???) and some halloween parties this weekend.

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