frustration station revisited

two posts in two days might be a new record.

but what did i do last night after we got home from running errands? ate. and ate. and ate. even though i used all my points up at dinner.

what is the deal?!?!?!

i literally could not resist the monster cookies leftover from football sunday (jacob's step-mom left us some) not to mention...ALL. THE. KETTLE. CORN.

i am SO disappointed in myself. and we all know that someone being disappointed with you is SO MUCH WORSE than someone just being mad at you.

and then i step on the scale in the morning expecting results...


i feel like i am sabotaging myself. i worked hard for ten months and i feel like i am throwing it all away. and for what? cookies? dumb. it is so dumb.

i am so proud of what i have accomplished and i really need a turnaround in my attitude. a sorority sister - what up, missy! - suggested bob harper's "the skinny rules" and i ordered it last night. she has lost a ton of weight too so i figure she knows what she is talking about!

just trying to think positive (and lovely) thoughts. send your vibes my way!

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