and so it begins...again...for the millionth time...

i am every one of these excuses...

as every new year begins, i seem to make the same resolution: lose weight/get healthy/stick to a diet/start exercising/etc. 

i was thinking last night, "what would make this year any different?"

well, what if i posted my journey for the world to see? put the link to this on facebook and actually let other people follow my struggle?


it is a scary thought. a really frightening, humiliating, but potentially motivating, thought.

so, this is me, as of 1.2.12:

ugh. it is hard to believe that i was once a competitive gymnast and extremely active soccer player. the "freshman 15" hit me way back in 2002 and never really stopped.

i have tried lots of tactics - a low-carb diet, a spike diet, weight watchers, running, biking, elliptical-ing, yoga -  and some have worked while others did not. i will also admit that i give up easily. as soon as the weight loss would slow down, i would quit. i guess it was just easier to do nothing about it.

but then you move, unpack your clothes, and count 17 pairs of jeans that do not fit anymore. seriously?! not one. your option becomes buying "fat pants" or finally buckling down, making a plan, and doing something about your life.

i am choosing the latter.

there is not a set number of pounds i hope to lose or a "magic weight" i want reach. i just want to look good in my clothes. although...if i had to go out and buy new ones...i guess i would not complain too much...

the quest for my so-called "hott bod" starts tomorrow. i have decided to try weight watchers again. i found some success with it the first time around though i was not good about tracking nor consuming the total amount of daily points that i was allotted. i hope to attend meetings for the weekly weigh-in as well. standing in front of someone on a scale and trying to defend a weight gain is no fun. trust me, i know.

along with the eating better, i know i have to exercise more. or, more accurately, start exercising. because i have not. not even in the slightest. like, i have a membership to lifetime and i have no idea where my member card is currently located. oops.

i just want to end this with a shout-out to one of my closest friends, rachel. she writes an awesome blog which you can find here. i read her resolutions the other day and it inspired me to work on myself too. she has become an avid runner and is working towards completing her first half-marathon in may. i have done the running route before but i tend to start walking the second i feel even slightly tired. so i think i might try a couch-to-5k plan and go from there.

and maybe find my lifetime card.


  1. i feel you 100% here Erica!! I'm starting tomorrow too (cause damn it, tonight is the rose bowl and i have a few cookies left over from Christmas! ha!)so i'll follow you along the way and maybe you'll shame me into sticking with it as well!

  2. I'm so proud of you! I rejoined weight watchers online as of today... we can check in with each other along the way :) download the WW App for your phone!!

    And... Thanks for the shout out :) It's a journey that begins with one day!

  3. Way to go, girl! I will be following you!


  4. you can do it lady! I know you can! I am proud of you!

  5. Awesome, Erica! I'm eager to cheer you on/encourage you!

  6. thanks, everyone! it's nice to have so much encouragement. and i don't want to let any of you down, so that helps too!

  7. Awesome, Erica! I'm going to be following your blog - what a great idea! :)


  8. This is great Erica! At this time last year I could barely run a mile let alone a 5k. I slowly worked my way up and complete my first 5k in April. I had to stop and walk but darn it I finished. I had an epic fail with my first 10k attempt in July but last September the girl who couldn't run a mile finished her first half marathon with out walking. My point is you have a strong athletic base to build off of. Use the competitive nature that you have from soccer and gymnastics to your advantage. If I can do it I know you can do. You will have ups and downs you just have to learn to weather them. Stick with it and I'll be cheering you on as well.