bittersweet news

third week of weight watchers completed and down a total of 14.8 pounds. OH how i wanted those last 0.2 pounds!!!! that and the sweet "5 pounds" sticker. 

ever since i have gone to the saturday morning meetings in burnsville, tammy has been the leader of the meetings. she announced this morning that she is "going to the dark side" by taking a job with weight watchers corporate. NO! i mean, clearly it is a cool opportunity for her but i really liked her and will miss her enthusiasm. i feel as though having a good leader is really important. the new leader, lisa, introduced herself and i am, so far, not that impressed. 

i know that people who attend meetings and use the etools (the online website) lose 50% more weight, so i will keep attending no matter what. my schedule right now does not allow me to attend a different day's meeting anyhow. 

lastly, i am struggling to get to a gym. tuesdays and thursdays are out since i have to go to the u for class. staff meetings are on wednesdays so i already get home later than normal. i need the other days for catching up on grading and my readings for class. HELP! how do you fit it in without feeling overly stressed about all the other items you have to get done during the week?


  1. I've been getting up at 5am 2 days a week to go to the gym to run :( It sucks, but feels great to be done with my workout by 6:30am!

  2. I am going to have to agree, early workouts are the best! I love being done by 6am! You can do it!