no more points!

it is 9:08pm, i am watching "top chef," and all i want is a snack! 

i keep thinking back to the days when buck would come over and we would chow down on a bag of m&m's or celebrate a birthday with a dq ice cream cake. UGH. what i would not give for a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard right now. why is it whenever i watch a show about food, i want to pig out? i had to stop watching "biggest loser" for that very reason - it seemed counter-productive to be eating junk food while viewing a show about losing weight. 

alas, i am out of points for the day and while yes, i have reserve points, it does not seem worth it to waste them this late at night. i always heard you were not supposed to eat too close to going to sleep anyhow...right?

i have noticed that when it comes to dieting, i am a creature of habit with my eating my habits. as far as breakfast and lunch are concerned, i literally eat the same thing everyday:
  • special k 90 calorie bar - either chocolaty pretzel or honey crunch
  • weight watchers smart one - either the chicken ranchero wraps or one of the quesadillas
  • dannon light & fit 60 calorie yogurt - raspberry, strawberry or blueberry
  • fiber one 90 calorie brownie - chocolate fudge (duh!)
  • diet soda - lately it has been a rotation of diet coke, pibb zero or mello yello zero
i sometimes throw in a fruit leather/strip with the special k bar in the morning as well as an orange or apple for after school. i also have been trying to drink more water while at school.

but, like i said the other day, i feel like i am not eating enough during the day. i want to try and plan meals for next week. i am also planning to attend my first weight watchers meeting on saturday. the burnsville location has a few different options as far as times are concerned. i am helping a friend out by taking care of her cats while she is out of town so i will have to work around that. 

next on the docket: working out at lifetime!

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  1. You got this, E! Keep up the great attitude, and the transparency - thank you for your honesty!