well, i have lost just about 10 pounds since starting this journey - crazy!

even with going out to applebee's and ruby tuesday this week, i managed to lose weight. that is why i keep gravitating back to weight watchers. i still get to eat at the restaurants i enjoy so much. granted, i do not order the burger and fries...but i can still take a bite or two of jacob's maple butter blondie. : )

so, with success comes rewards. i firmly believe that when i do something well, i should get a little something-something for it. i gave myself permission to visit caribou...

...for a delicious northern lite white chocolate mocha. YUM! i did opt for no whip cream and the lite version comes sans chocolate covered coffee bean. 

i also went and got my nails done - an indulgence i just cannot resist once the idea gets in my head. it feels so nice to be pampered for an hour!

i did go to my first weight watchers meeting in about a year this morning. it was nice to be around so many other people with the same goal as me. i like getting to hear all of the suggestions and tips too. they were also having a sale on a lot of their products so i picked up some of their bars:

the leader of the meeting claimed the toasted coconut dream bars were similar to the girl scouts caramel delites cookies (or, somoas, for all you weird minnesotans) and that the chocolate pretzel bars were similar to the take5 candy bar. at only 2 points a bar, i figured i would give them a try. let you all know what i think!

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