ch-ch-ch-check me out!

picture day! my co-worker, abby, told me that when you are on a diet, it takes four weeks for you to notice a difference in how you look and eight weeks for others to notice a difference in how you look. i guess i am almost to four weeks, but i still feel like i look the same:

 look, janelle, i smiled just for you!

i attended my second weight watchers meeting this last weekend and was down another 3.2 pounds. this makes my total weight loss at about 13 pounds. i think i need to clarify that i was doing the program online only up until attending my first meeting two weekends ago. i had lost the 10 pounds prior to that initial weigh-in. 

even with counting my points, i got to experience my first "juicy lucy" at shamrock's in st. paul on saturday night. my favorite part was the "warning" that came with it, alerting me to how hot the inside would be and that i basically could not sue them if i burned myself in the process of eating it. 

i know that now having experienced this amazing creation at shamrock's, i also need to sample the ones made at the 5-8 club as well as matt's bar. 

i have finally started class at the u of mn for my science license. it is hard to eat dinner on thursdays now because i go from school to lecture to lab, not leaving for home until 9:30pm. i only had time to grab a few snacks last week but i need to make more of an effort to bring an actual meal this time. i will say that is weird to be in a 1000-level class with so many first year students! i feel sooooooo old. ugh. 


  1. Good work, Erica! I know what you mean about feeling old in those classes. That was me in calculus, except, I hope you have more success than I did. :)


  2. thanks, karlalalala. i better be successful in biology, the first labs we did were the SAME ones i did with my 7th graders this past fall. UGH.