back to work

it has been one week since i have started my mission. i have not gone over my point total once. i even find that in the evenings, i am forcing myself to have another snack or two because i have so many left over. i am thinking that maybe i should be using some of those while i am at work. sometimes i am so busy with students that i completely forget about eating. by the time i get to lunch, i am just so happy to be sitting that it does not matter to me what is in my lunch. i just want that fifteen minutes of quiet time. from what i weighed at the doctor last week to what i weight myself at this morning, it appears that i am down about 5 pounds - woo hoo! due to the funeral over the weekend, i never made it to a weight watchers meeting. that is my goal for this weekend. next week i will figure out my lifetime membership situation and begin the couch-to-5k training.

soooooooooooooo...here is erica at the start of week #2.

not sure there is much of a visible difference yet. i at least know what the scale said, however, and that is good enough for now.

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