so far, so good

as this is the first blog i have ever shared with people, i am still unsure of the proper protocol in regards to how often i should be posting. while i want to share how everything is going, i feel as though most of you do not want a daily post detailing what i ate and how many points it was worth. i mean, i certainly would not want to read that - BORING.

i guess the plan, as far as i have thought out so far, will include a couple of updates a week. i also want to post a weekly photo to document my glorious transformation. if i find a great meal or recipe, i will probably share that. i think that i also might let you know how the couch-to-5k training progresses.

my initial focus is the eating plan. like i said in the first post, i am going with weight watchers again. tracking the points is super easy - i can do it online and from my phone. i can also have a doughnut if i want. i like doughnuts. especially the glazers from kwik trip. anyway, super-restrictive diets tend to be disastrous since i start to crave the things i should not have so badly and then go pig out on them.

day 1 and 2 of tracking has gone well. i have reached my total point limit both days, without feeling overly hungry, while still getting to have a little dessert. i even went to noodles & co. for dinner tonight. it was hard not to get my usual regular-sized pasta and snickerdoodle cookie. have i mentioned that i also like cookies? and cake? and ice cream? oh boy, this is going to be tough. 

i have decided to let my body get used to the way i am going to eat now before i begin the couch-to-5k regime. i can already tell that my stomach wants more food since i have been stuffing it on a regular basis. i hope it does not take too long for me to get used to the smaller portions. 

favorite sweet treat of the moment: candy cane tootsie roll pops - i bought a stash when they went on sale after christmas so i could have some for awhile. they are delish!

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